About Icon Store
This site is build because I haven't been content with the icons that floats around the Internet. Sure, there's couple of good collections (Ari, Kiwi, OctobrX) but nowhere enough. So, I've made some of my own.

You can grab some cool icons here to use with dock. The dock is used in WindowManager, AfterStep and of course on Open/NeXTstep. Windows IconDock-users may use these icons too, but they have to be converted to .ico's (256 colors) first. If your browser supports client-side imagemaps, you may pick the icons individually.

Arik is keeping a service on his pages, "Icon Request Hotline". There you can ask nicely for an icon you need for your own product or for your dock. You can also 'reserve' an icon so that we try to keep it used only for your product, but the product it's for should be free (GPL'ed or such), because the icons are free, too. Of course, the hardware icons are reserved for the correspondent makers, who should think the icons as free advertisement, not as copyright infringement or anything.

About the icons
These icons should (to my knowledge) be all redistributable. If not so, please tell me so I can remove the offending icon(s). If the icon's are named with xxxx-yyyy.tif, where xxxx is a hardware manufacturer's name, use the icon ONLY with the associated hardware (yyyy). Also, don't change those names, that way I (hopefully) can keep those manufacturers happy.

The icons are 48x48 and mostly tiff's, because that format saves transparency and isn't limited to 256 colors. Also, *Step's and WindowMaker's Docks happen to use tiff's. I haven't converted or retouched (nor going to) other iconpacks' icons. In previews, the icons have background so that you can see them in action. The background tile is in Unsorted.

My weapon of choice is of course GIMP. The icon background-mapping and client-side-imagemap generation are automated via script-fu, the scripting language of GIMP. If anyone is interested about those scripts, or something similar that could be easily hacked together, drop me a mail and I can try to help.

About this site
I am in this happy position that I don't need to pay much for the Internet connection. This server is mine, so I don't have to pay for it, either. On the other side, I don't think it's right to get money for this for that reason (morally or legally). That means that you don't get any horrible advertisements on the top of the page, or requests to click links somewhere.

In the near future this machine's not going anywhere. The service may change it's address somewhere else, or I get mirrors (yeah, right =). In the scope of several years, I'll go to work or graduate, but that's not very concerning just now. Enjoy while you can =)