1998-07-05 12:07 Yesss, an update
I've had dozens of other things to do, that's why I haven't had time to update this site. Server's getting 8 or 16MB more mem, I get real money from my job, I got burner for free (yes, real new Yamaha CD-R and RW burner, can you tell I'm happy =) I can recommend CDW4260 to anyone) and the job is taking more than 8 hours a day. But that shouldn't be an excuse.

Mike Oliphant made some neonicons, and I have a bunch of icons from France, just waiting to be resized and fixed to 48x48. Maybe I'll get to it someday.

1998-05-16 22:10 Little ups and downs
I upgraded the server hardware a little, your connections may have been cut during the last few hours. In case anyone wants to know, you are served by linux-2.0.33+nestea-fix, powered by P100, 24MB mem and (now) 7GB disk, instead of former P75 and 3GB. Gotta get more mem someday.
1998-05-11 13:50 Reading to final exams
To my surprise, I got about ten icons from Edouard Lafargue, France, and decided to pull up the Icon Store Iconpack number 4. Great icons they were, too!

If you like, drink and even mix cocktails, check out the Koala's Cocktails. Code and gfx by me, information and cocktails mostly by my SO. If you link it, link to that page, because I'll probably move the cgi-bin someday to shorten the http-path =)

1998-04-18 19:02 Oh, how the time flies
Now the server is in a good box with better fan. It took a half an hour downtime, but I did update the kernel at the same time (to 2.0.33 + ipfragment-fix). Oh well. My workmachine desperately needs 2.1.97 ...

I know I should concentrate more to the iconpack 4, but just now I have much of the dreaded schoolwork to do. Better news: one schoolproject is a WWW-service, I think at least some of you will enjoy the project when it's ready and moved to nether. It's not anything computer-related, tho =)

1998-04-08 18:00 Half an hour break
The fan of the power of the server started screaming, had to take the server down (uptime 59 days) and change the fan (took approx. 30 minutes). Nothing else broke (I hope...)

Don't you just hate when something like this happens?

1998-04-02 23:20 Praise the FVWM2
Big picture I just can't understand how neat fvwm2 is. Now my desktop really looks and works just how I want it to, and this whole thing seems faster (AfterStep is very sluggish when changing screens, it takes seconds to update the windows... and I do have 40MB of memory =) The highlighted titles in lower left corner mean iconified windows. Tile in the buttonbar is ScottG's tile14, and the background is blackrockcottage.jpg from Eric's Collection of pictures, if I remember right (at least there's dozens of good background candidates =) ... .fvwm2rc if anyone's still interested. At least I had to patch FvwmWinList because of the funny moving when refreshing the window, and FvwmPager for nice tooltip-like popups. The fvwm2 was compiled nearly on default settings. Of course, YMMV.

UPDATE: Almost forgot ... to see the 'Infobar' in the lower right corner, make link with

ln -s /usr/lib/X11/fvwm2/FvwmButtons /usr/lib/X11/fvwm2/FvwmInfobar
1998-03-30 12:15 IconStore button
One day before Netscape sources are released ... Linux becomes nearer 2.2 ... GIMP is almost bugfree and 1.0 ... glibc is beginning to work ... Gnome project develops rapidly with the aid of RedHat ... am I the only one who's waiting for all these projects with anticipation?

Icon Store I spiced up the Icon Store button and removed the OctobrX's tile from it. Seems that he's a bit oversensitive about his work in this GNU Free World. (No, I won't rant about it, though I'd like to...) Also .jpg available, if you don't like the licenced algorithms of gif.

1998-03-29 23:15 OctobrX icons removed
Trae Mc Combs (OctobrX himself) contacted me and asked nicely to take down his icons. Main reason was that he don't think they shouldn't be redistributed. You can still get the tiles from his Tile of the Day-page, just needs a little more clicking ... I disapprove his decision, but I don't want to keep any icons here without permission. And after all, his icons are not 'free' in the GNU sense.
1998-03-28 13:13 If your downloads just don't succeed ...
You can now use the ftp-site, This is a temporary solution until I get the apache working right (I believe that's the reason some of you get crappy downloads). Netscape 4 at least works, but I think the apache has been giving wrong mimetype, and some browsers handle plain/text just as they want (which is The Right Thing, of course, but not very nice).

Anyway, if you have had failed downloads, try again and tell me your experiences.

UPDATE: There was .tgz and .Z missing in my mime.types. Has someone of you taken them? I added the tgz to application/x-gzip-compressed and preliminary testing (by Martin Hansen, thank you man!) shows that everything works now.

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